Registration Fee: ConsoliAds is a legitimate business having no illegal/questionable products/services. ConsoliAds does not charge any registration fee, however, a subscription fee may be introduced in the near future. Any change in current policy will be applicable upon notifying the customer.

ConsoliAds is responsible for all taxes (if any) payable on the sales that ConsoliAds makes to the networks in connection with the mediation service. Whereas, the user is responsible for all taxes associated with the payments they receive from the networks.

Payout: ConsoliAds own Payment Cycle is Net 30. For Mediation, if you are using Ad Networks other than ConsoliAds then their Payment Cycle is as per their Payment Policies.

You don’t have to make any request to withdraw your earnings you will receive the payments in your bank account as per the payment cycle and minimum threshold policy.

Purchase/ Refund/ Return: All purchases are processed by secure payment processors. We accept a variety of different payment methods (PayPal, VISA/MC) and will continue to expand the range in the future. Different transaction currencies are also available for customers.

Payments to ConsoliAds serve as prepaid topup to the customer’s ConsoliAds account to run advertising campaigns which is consumed accordingly only if any campaign is active. Hence, there no refund/return policy applicable to the added funds.

Your dealings with any advertisers, or advertising networks including payment or delivery of goods or services, are solely between you and that advertiser or advertising network. There is no refund/return policy.

To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, we are not responsible for any loss or damage of any kind resulting from these dealings.

Data Storage: At checkout page, Customer data is stored if only it’s absolutely necessary. However, there is NO storage of sensitive authentication data contained in the storage or magnetic stripe, including 3-4 digit validation code on payment card after authorization.