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1. I am unable to configure ConsoliAds with unity Inspector

Step #1

Check Selected Ad Network’s Integration

  • If you see this error on pressing configure server it means that the selected ad network is not integrated, please refer to the documentation on how to Add/Remove ad networks from ConsoliAds plugin

Step #2

  • Contact Support Personnel
    If you are still unable to configure kindly contact our support personnel or email us at

2. I have configured server in unity inspector, why those changes are not reflecting in the portal?

Portal Update Time

  • If you have recently updated the portal or pressed configure server then wait for some time as our server takes a maximum of 15 minutes to reflect the changes on devices.

3. Successfully integrated ConsoliAds in my unity inspector and have tested sample ads but why ads from mediation ad-networks are not appearing?

Step #1

Check that placeholder exists in placeholder & ads tab in your app.

Step #2

  1. Check is “Hide Ad” disabled in app detail on ConsoliAds portal.
  2. Enable the mediation log on ConsoliAds portal.

  • Step #3
    Make sure that the campaign is created for the ad format (e.g. interstitial, rewarded).
    Step #4
    Check your detailed logs following the FAQ #4
    Step #5
    Use VPN
    If everything looks fine but ads are still not showing then try using vpn
  • Install some popular VPN on android device
  • Change region from VPN.
  •  Restart app.
  •  See in the Screen Shot below

4. How can I check my logs?

Ad Showing Exception

  • You should have android studio installed
  • ADB in working condition
  • Open android monitor on android studio
  •  Come in Logcat tab
  • Select LogLevel Verbose
  •  Add “Unity ” in filter
  •  And No filters from filter level
  •  Copy the App ID (highlighted in below screen shot) from the logs and paste it in the search bar instead of Unity to view detailed device logs

5. I am facing Dex issue after adding VungleAdnetwork. How to resolve that?

  • Open Directory Assets -> Plugins -> Android -> libs
  •  Make sure all libraries have single version if multiple versions of same library exist than remove extra versions because only any of one version requires. tag and tools:replace=”android:allowBackup” in tag.

For example:



6. I am facing Dex issue after adding multiple Adnetwork at a time. How to resolve that?

  • Remove any already added networks because unity have method limit 65K if methods exceed that limit unity will not compile the build.
  • Make sure both adnetworks (Kidoz&Vungle) are not added at the same time, if exist then remove anyone of them. These two networks do not compile at a time.

7. I added Facebook AdNetwork why Unity is not making build for android?

Facebook audience plugin requires minimum Unity 5 or greater. Make sure you have the updated version.

8. Why my live app is not showing the same ads as configured in ConsoliAds portal?

Make sure that you have synced app before giving an app update. This is to make sure that prefab are in sync with current settings

9. How can I manage filters (such as age ratings and content) for my apps on auto- integration?

In the app details, you will see “Ad Filters” tab. Click on the tab and choose the relevant ad-network. You can then manage your ad filter preferences and save them.

10. Ad failed to load for Admob

Add Test Device ID ForAdmob
ConsoliAds Method to add test device ID:

ConsoliAds.Instance.addAdmobTestDevice (string deviceId);

deviceId : This is a unique device ID which developer has to pass a method to see test ads on live IDs.
Where Developer can find device ID:

Step 1 :
Open logcat in android studio and see logs of running unity app on ad failed to load Admob prints log to add test device for live ad ids.

Step 2 :
Copy device id from logs and pass this id to method , after this call for specific session test ads will display to user.

Check the value of error code from the logs and go to the following link to confirm the type of error.

11. How can I enable auto integration?

Auto integration for your app/game will be enabled once you configure server to sync your app/game with the portal.

12. How can I enter Ad ID’s for auto integrated ad networks?

You do not require manual Ad ID’s for the ad networks once their auto integration is enabled.

13. How do I know my integration is complete if test ads from a particular ad network are not showing?

If there is “Ad failed to load” in logs (to check detailed logs see FAQ 4), it means your integration is successful and test ads are not available for that particular ad network.

14. Why I can’t merge the manifest or make the build for my app?

Please update your SDK version and if the issue still exists then contact our support personnel

15. Why Ad on a particular placeholder is served with delay or served in the next placeholder?

Add a loading screen of 5 seconds before the actual start of your game/app. It helps better initialization of the ad networks and increases the fill rate.

16. How can I update ConsoliAds plugin version?

  • First remove all ad networks SDK’s by following the documentation on “how to add/remove ad networks”.

Uninstall ConsoliAds from unity inspector as shown in below figure:

  • Download latest ConsoliAds plugin from downloads section
  • Follow the documentation to integrate the required ad networks SDK in your app or you can use the plugin with pre integrated 7 ad networks

17. Why my ads from cross promotion are not appearing in a particular device?

Please make sure that the promoting app is not already installed in that particular device. If app is already installed, the ad will not appear in that device

18. What do I do if I am having any other technical issues with ConsoliAds?

Please feel free to communicate with our support team by clicking on the chat button at the bottom left corner of the web or email us at

Or you can also visit to view known issues, share problems and suggestions.

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