Mobile Games During Coronavirus – Top 10 Most Downloaded Games (March-April)

The rise of Coronavirus disrupted 95% of the business worldwide, whereas for the remaining 5% it turned out to be a lucky strike. One such example of the aforementioned 5% is Mobile Gaming industry, which is on the roll right from the beginning of 2020. Moreover, as the crisis deepened and the world went through lockdown, downloads and usage of Mobile games also increased. Though this time around the list of Most Downloaded Games is bit different.

Mobile Games’ Q1 of 2020 smashed all previous download records with getting 13 Billion installs within this time frame both for Google Play and App Store. March was ideally the time where mobile games witnessed the spike worldwide except China where things were heading for ease in lockdown from April onward. A closer insight tells that mobile games worldwide received 5.1 billion downloads in March, which accounts for 24% month-over-month increase.

One of the first games bursting into headlines as coronavirus turned pandemic was Killer Plague. This mobile game wasn’t a new release, but resurfacing of 8-year old App, which already had 120 Million downloads. But this time around January, this game by the UK-based developer had its time of life as it became the Best-Selling App in China. Though this situation couldn’t long as this game was banned at the Chinese App Store for having ‘illegal content’. Killer Plague got into hot-water as it had gameplay relevant to the ongoing crisis as the player has to curb plague for the survival.

The Mobile games particularly had a great run as the world geared for lockdown. Many of the already popular games lead to doubling or tripling the installs, whereas some mobile games made it big out of blue as well.

Most Downloaded Games During Coronavirus

                                                                        Google Play – (09 March – 12 April)


Ludo King

This Mobile Game, Ludo King by Gametion was launched back in 2016 falls in Game Board category. Ludo King topped the charts with getting most of its downloads from the country of its origin, India.


Garena Free Fire: Wonderland

Online Wonderland event kicking off on April 8 offered gifts for the users and that pushed it towards second most downloaded mobile game within this period.


This game puzzle by Good Job Games has one addictive gameplay which is simple in the first place but requires a hell of brainstorming.

Perfect Cream

Time to settle your food craving uniquely! This mobile game by Playgendary got heaps of downloads amid this pandemic.

Subway Surfers

This evergreen game once again became a reason of rejoicing for the mobile gamers out there amid this pandemic


Key Takeaways from Mobile Gaming Industry 

Now things are getting back to normalcy with still having fear of Covid-19 second wave; the mobile games are a source of relaxation and quality time spend for many limited to their homes. As tragic it sounds, the mobile games were a consolation and way of getting their mind to divert from the pressure Covid-19 built all across the globe and that’s what uplifted this industry even in such testing times.

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