How to overcome Ad Fatigue to maintain Higher CTR and Lower CPC of Ad Campaign?

When App Advertising on your own, there are dozens of challenges right there to take you down. One of the least talked about App Advertising issues is Ad Fatigue, which isn’t visible yet ruins your Ad Campaign. Though just in a few steps you can easily figure out if Ad Fatigue is overrunning your campaigns or not.

Programmatic Advertising has made App Advertising hassle-free, but still, some advertisers want to keep matters in their own hands. In the latter situation, you have to track down your Ad campaign throughout and make relevant changes accordingly to ensure max ROAS. On the other hand, the former condition makes the entire Ad buying and selling process automated.


What is Ad Fatigue?


It’s when your Ad is shown up to a similar user again and again to the extent that he loses interest or gets overly familiar with it. This most probably happens when your Ad Frequency is higher and it is targeting and re-targeting a similar audience again and again. Consequently, the user may get bored of your similar Ad creatives or copy and go ahead building a resistance against them known as Banner Blindness. This psychological impact may be willingly or unwillingly occur but rather attracting an audience it turns your Ad a complete fiasco.


Tips to prevent Ad fatigue for Successful Ad Campaign

Prevent Ad Fatigue

A/B Testing

As you can’t rely on a similar plan every time, how come you’d go ahead without A/B Testing Ad Creatives for a successful Ad Campaign? It’s nearly impossible to do so. The testing may differ in terms of the Ad format, feature highlight or even just a minor change. But the results coming out of them would help you analyze which Ad campaign is good enough to continue in the long run after making a few adjustments.


Frequency Capping


It’s one quick and easier solution, which allows you to limit the number of times an Ad is to be shown to the user in a session, week, or month time. The ideal number of showing Ad to a user from brand recognition to take it up to the conversion may vary. The advertisers with rigorous testing of how frequency capping works can soon find the magical capping number for setting up successful Ad campaigns.


Different Ad Placements

The Ad placement can impact the Ad campaign; what you all have to do is find that ‘sweet spot’ for the user. Your Ad creative on extreme top may be annoying the user. So rather sticking with the same strategy and pushing users to change their minds, change Ad placement to avoid any kind of repetition.


Make Variations of your Ad Creatives

‘Monotony kills creativity’, but this never means you start consuming most of your Advertising budget on Ad creatives. At the same time, we aren’t against the fact creative innovative Ad creatives sell more. Here the solution to Ad Fatigue is making little changes and variations in your existing Ad Creatives. The changes may be as little as changing color or just changing the font of the tagline. Needless to say, this will add some freshness in your Ad campaign.


The Ad Fatigue can hamper your entire Ad Campaign as it won’t only raise the CPC but also make your potential clients wary of your pushy Ads. The Frequency Capping in the first place is one handy technique and then the list goes on and on. What it works for is limiting the number of similar Ads shown to the user in a specific time. This not only combats Ad Fatigue but also ensures the best possible use of your Ad budget.

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