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Register your account

ConsoliAds is a One Stop Ads Management Solution for Game Monetization and In-App-Advertising and has all the features you require to grow your Game/App. 

To register an account with ConsoliAds follow these steps:

Open Signup page on the ConsoliAds website.


  • Enter your name, company name, email address, and an account password.
  • Click on the register button and you will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.

Confirm Your ConsoliAds Account

For completion of the registration process, click on the link in the confirmation email to verify your account.

You are registered with ConsoliAds! Welcome to the ConsoliAds family. 

If you have any concerns or queries contact our support team via Live chat or drop an email at support@consoliads.com.

Viewing Analytics

View all your mobile game monetization stats through ConsoliAds comprehensive dashboard. For your ease we have divided the stats in two sections, Monetize & Promote. You can further surf through each tab in the left panel.


Under Reports tab, you can view detailed stats of your Game Monetization & Ad Mediation


  • Revenue tab allows you to check your earnings for all apps or a specific app/ all time or for a custom time frame/ for all ad networks or some selected ones and so on.
  • Mediation tab shows you the ad stats in detail fetched from all the ad networks. You can see respective requests and impressions and the fill rate provided by each ad network integrated in your app/apps.
  • Placeholders tab gives you a complete analysis of fill rate against a specific placeholder.
  • Regions tab shows region wise impressions and revenue to provide you an analysis of your top performing regions.
  • Downloads tab enables you to filter out the downloads according to your requirements


Under promote tab, you can create advertising campaigns and view granular stats of all your campaigns to optimize ads.


  • New Campaign tab allows you to step by step create your campaigns.
  • You can view detailed stats of your campaigns along with multiple filters under Network Advertising & Cross Promotion tab
  • In App Groups you can create groups of your games as per your requirements which will help you while targeting your cross promotion campaigns in certain groups
  • You can also view ads of your non integrated campaigns in ads tab.

Create an app

  • After signing up your account, go to Apps in the left panel
  • Click on “New App”
  • You can either create your game manually or directly import its Url from app storecreate app
  • For manually creating your app, add all the required details.app screen

Add a brand

  • Select a brand if you have already created one. 
  • If you want to create a new brand, click on “Add new”
  • Add the required details, brand name and support email are mandatory fields.
  • Verify the settings
  • And click “Save”

What to do if your app isn’t live yet?

If your app isn’t live yet, you can still add it to your ConsoliAds account. You`ll be able to see test ads.

Enter the name and Bundle identifier of the app in development. Once your mobile app is live, you’ll be able to import the app by entering the store URL. Turn OFF the test mode and you are good to go for your game monetization.

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